Mendocino County Fair & Apple Show and California Wool and Fiber Festival

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Last year I went to a few events in Mendocino County California for my birthday over the weekend.  On Saturday I went to The Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens in Fort Bragg California.  But Sunday was the big day of that weekend because my family went to the Mendocino County Fair & Apple Show.  I know, I know.  A fair?  But those happen all the time.  What I was so excited about was a second event which took place on the fairgrounds at the same time, The California Wool and Fiber Festival.

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Sunday, we ended spent walking around the Mendocino County Fair.  My main reason for going was the sheep dog trials.  I love watching the cute dogs herd the cute sheep.  It’s also research for someday when I eventually have my own sheep.  Unfortunately it is the only sheep dog trial I got to attend this year as summer was crazy busy for me.  Due to arriving late in town, we couldn’t get seats and had to stand throughout.  So worth it if you are a fuzzy farm animal geek like me.  For those readers who are also interested in sheep dog trials, sheepdog trial season lasts from February through October in most of the U.S. 

The Fiber part of the fair is also fun for those who like knitting, crocheting, or any other hobby that involves natural animal fibers.  For those who felt or hand spin, there are entire fleeces for sale from the fleece competition.  Raw fiber, yarn, hand spindles, spinning wheels; all available for sale from various vendors.  Merino, cashmere, angora, llama, alpaca, so many others which I don’t know the names of and every micron and crimp you could possibly desire all in one place.

My son loved the Angora rabbit demonstration which happened repeatedly throughout the day we were there.  We call Angora rabbits cute-fluffy-land-clouds, because that is what they look like.  The demonstration shows how to groom an Angora’s hair and how to harvest it humanely without harm to the animal.  It also includes someone who shows how easy it is to spin the fiber immediately after harvest with a spinning wheel.

Angora rabbits aren’t the only cute and fuzzy creatures at the fair. The Mendocino County Fair also has a whole slew of 4H animals on display. Rabbits, goats, pigs, cattle, chickens and ducks abound. I’ve probably left out a few types of adorable farm animals because its been a while since I was there.

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There was also the standard edible fair fare; games, rides, and botanical floral and art competitions.  A huge display of different varietals of apples serve as the back drop for a free apple tasting station.  Fair goers can buy only one individual apple or bags of the varieties of apples they like after tasting.  Just beside that was a stand selling gourmet vinegars from different fruits.  Amazingly delicious taste-testing opportunity.  Unfortunately I lost the company card between my hotel room and my home, *sad face* so I haven’t been able to buy some for myself and I didn’t happen to get any while I was there.

A fabulous weekend over all and great fun if you are ever in Mendocino County when those events are going on. Are you are a fiber nut? Do you also love fairs? What hobbies do you have which are celebrated with fun events? Have you been to any lately?

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