Lavender and Vanilla Blended Ice

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Lavender and Vanilla Blended Ice Drink

It is totally day three of my mini blog series on savory blended drinks for summer.  For all you people out there are who just can’t drink another soda, slushy, juice, or sweetened anything; follow me.  These recipes are super simple, and all have the same base ingredients.  Day One; I posted my favorite savory blended beverage recipe, a Spicy Turmeric and Ginger blended ice drink.  Great for cooling off with when I’m doing fun summer things.  Day Two was a delightfully refreshing Lemon Thyme and Lime blended ice drink which takes advantage of the herbs which my son grows.

Today is Lavender and Vanilla blended ice drink.  This drink is probably the lightest on flavor.  It also has a very floral almost-nectar taste which I adore.  And it uses fresh lavender as opposed to dried lavender which I also prefer.  Now the lavender which I have access to is the type with little tiny blossoms along a central stem and not the type with a single larger blossom at the top of a stem and the recipe reflects that.  I also know exactly where my herbs come from and that they are safe to consume.  Do not use any herbs for food purposes which are not intended for consumption as they may not be safe to eat.

Fresh Lavender, rosemary, lemon thyme, and mint from my son’s barbecue herb garden.

Ingredients list contains affiliate links:

  • 1-cup ice cubes
  • 4-tablespoons water
  • 1-teaspoon small fresh lavender flowers
  • ¼-teaspoon vanilla extract or
  • ¼-teaspoon of vanilla
  • Honey for drizzling to taste (optional)
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As with the previous recipe, make sure that whatever type of blender/food processor you are using, you load the fresh herbs so that they are closest to the blending blades when you start blending.  The reason for this is that they may not get properly chopped/blended if they are not.  Combine lavender, ice, water, and vanilla or vanilla seeds and blend until your ice has reached the desired consistency.  It may be necessary to add more water depending on your blender or food processor.  If you do need to add water to aid in blending, do not add more than one tablespoon at a time before testing to see if you can continue blending to your desired consistency.

From left to right; Lemon Thyme and Lime blended ice drink, Lavender and Vanilla blended ice drink, Mint blended ice drink, and Rosemary with Hickory Smoked Sea Salt blended ice drink.

Pour into your drink glasses.  I prefer margarita glasses like the ones in this Amazon Affiliate Link.  They make me smile.  If you would like, drizzle with honey.  Garnish with a sprig of fresh lavender and serve.  Super simple, and super tasty. 

Because this drink has blended fresh herbs in it, it may have a grainy texture after it has melted or leave a grainy residue around the glass.  It’s the herbs.  Just a warning/reminder for those who might not like that texture. 

Next? Super Minty blended Ice drink.

What do you think?  Are you enjoying this mini blog series so far?  Let me know in the comments.

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