Savory Super Minty Mock Mojito

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Super Minty blended Mock Mojito.

Day Four of my Savory Summer Drink Mini blog series. Do you love it so far? Hopefully you do because see you stuck around for four days of this. If you missed the first three days, let me recap for you really quickly before we get into the recipe. On;

Day One I shared the recipe for my favorite savory drink; Spicy Turmeric and Ginger blended ice drink.

Day Two, was a recipe for Lemon Thyme and Lime blended ice drink.

Day Three was the sweetest drink so far with a natural floral perfume and a nectar taste, Lavender and Vanilla blended ice drink

Which brings us to…..

Top, Super Minty Blended Ice Mock Mojito. Right, Rosemary and Sage blended Ice with Hickory Smoked Sea Salt Rim. Bottom, Lemon Thyme and Lime Blended Ice. Left, Lavender and Vanilla Ice.

Day Four; Super Minty blended ice drink recipe. This was originally invented for my nephew who visits me from it of state for a month every year and loved making mint infused water from the mint growing wildly out of control in the backyard. (It just won’t die no matter what I do! 😤). I figured that if the kid liked mint water so much he would love a blended mint drink.

He didn’t. In my first experiment I used mint leaves from two large sprigs (The equivalent of about four tablespoons worth of mint. Yikes!). I liked it, but it tastes a lot like plant. However I refined the recipe to make it more palatable to people who don’t want as strong a mint flavor.

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  • 1-cup ice cubes
  • 3-tablespoons water
  • 1/2 to 1-tablespoon of fresh mint leaves (depending on how minty you want your drink to be. If you are unsure try it with less mint and then add more as you desire after taste testing.)
  • 1-tablespoon of lime juice
  • Honey for drizzling over the top (Totally optional!)

As you can see. There’s not a whole lot to this recipe. If you just want the super Minty goodness use water only and no lime juice. Now, you may be wondering how to measure a tablespoon of mint.  What I do, is just layer leave together until the mass can fill a tablespoon.  Because of variation of leaf size, the number of leaves this takes can vary significantly.  Which is why I use approximate the approximate volume measurement of a tablespoon.

See that super minty goodness? All the little minty bits? Yum!

Make sure that while you are blending, that whatever type of blender or food processor you use, the leaves are closest to the blades underneath the ice.  The reason for this is because this is a blended ice drink.  The liquid can become too thick with ice chunks for the leaves to be properly blended if they don’t get blended before the ice.  The liquids are added to the mint and ice and everything is pulsed together until the entire beverage reaches the desired consistency.  For me that is sort of a half-melted slushy.

Pour into the drinking vessel of your choice.  (I prefer margarita glasses as you can see from the photos.)  Then garnish and serve.  These savory blended ice beverages can be eaten with a spoon or a scoop straw like a slushy or shaved ice.  I think they are wicked tasty. 

These are also low calories drinks (Again, stressing the fact that I am not a nutritionist nor medical professional and that trying these recipes are done at your own risk.), so they aren’t going to add a lot of calories into your diet while you get your skinny on.  One tablespoon of fresh mint has one calorie in it, one teaspoon of fresh lime juice has 1 calorie in it and there are 3 teaspoons in a tablespoon.  So, a total of 4 calories in this drink per the information available on Google.

A few notes: Like with the other drinks in this series which use fresh herbs, there are actually pieces of herbs in this drink. It may feel grainy after it melts, depending on how great your blender or food processor is. Just a warning for people who may not like that texture. Also, all of the drinks in this series are basically ice blended with herbs and seasonings. If you intend to try them all, you might want to make sure you have ice on hand.

If you are enjoying my week-long Savory Summer Drink mini blog series, let me know in the comments.

Tomorrow? Rosemary and Sage Ice with a rim of Hickory Smoked Sea Salt

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