Rosemary Ice with a Hickory Smoke Salt Rim

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Rosemary Ice with a Hickory Smoked Salt Rim.

Day Five of my Summer Savory Drinks blog mini-series and boy are you getting tired of me now.  My regulars (Those of you there are.) are probably wondering why I’m not writing more about restaurants, events, books, and writing/blogging in general.   Well, because I like food.  Like many young people, one of my first places of employment was a restaurant.  Then there was another and another and…I’ve worked and temped in many.   

What I’ve learned from all those restaurants?  I never want to be someone’s prep-cook or sous-chef again…and I totally love food, beverages and all aspects of the culinary process (You may have noticed from reading my blog.).  Cooking is my Zen.  It makes me happy.  But with two jobs (The day job and the writing.) and the time I dedicate to my family, I don’t get to cook the kinds of things I want to cook as much as I want to cook them.  So, I make things as simple and quick as I can but still full of flavor.

Hence my Savory Summer Blended Ice Drinks.  Bursting with taste, but not terribly complicated. If you haven’t been following along, then let me just recap really quickly with the links to previous recipes for the week;

Day One – Spicy Turmeric and Ginger Blended Ice (My favorite.)

Day Two – Lemon Thyme and Lime Blended Ice (Delightful.)

Day Three – Lavender and Vanilla Belended Ice (Magically almost sweet without being sweet.)

Day Four – Savory Super Minty Mock Mojito Blended Ice (For when you needs the mojito-y goodness.)

Basket of fresh herbs I filched from my son’s grilling garden; Rosemary, Lemon Thyme, Mint, and Lavender.

Today’s beverage is Fresh Rosemary Blended Ice with a Hickory Sea Salt Rim.  Rosemary is a very potent herb.  It is a hugely aromatic middle note scent while being a powerful flavor and can easily overwhelm more effervescent top note scents and delicate flavors in dishes and beverages.  It is often paired with other in-your-face flavors like citrus, ginger, peppercorns, and sage as part of a harmonious whole.  But it rarely gets center stage on its own in my home kitchen unless it is used in grilling….

Oh?  You see where I’m going with this?  Great!

My son is a wonderful blossoming cook thanks to his helping me in the kitchen for most of his life. He’s become amazing at One of my son’s signature dishes, is a Rosemary Smoked Steak which he carefully orchestrates on our back-porch grill with branches of fresh Rosemary from his BBQ herb garden.  It’s amazeballs!  But when it’s too hot to grill or he doesn’t feel like cooking, I get my smoky-rosemary fix with this Rosemary Blended Ice Drink with a Hickory Smoked Salt Rim.  (BTW’s I have found this mini Weber to be the perfect starter grill for my teenage barbeque fanatic.)

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Ingredient List Contains Affiliate Links:

1-Cup ice cubes

1-Teaspoon fresh rosemary leaves (or more)

4-Tablespoons water

Hickory Smoked Sea Salt (Affiliate Link)

How it comes together:  Like with the other drinks in this series, make sure that with whatever blending/food processing device you use, the fresh herbs are placed closest to the blades underneath the ice when you start blending.  It will encourage the herbs to be broken up first before the ice gets in the way and makes for sluggish blending.  (I’m cheap and have a cheap blendy-thing.  It will be replaced eventually when I make up my mind which I want, for now, this step is important for me.)

I’ve included a link to the salt I use up above. See the image, it’s an affiliate link. This link is for a variety pack gift set (My kid loves experimenting with flavored salts), but the Hickory Salt is sold individually near where I live. So when I run out of one I like before I’m close to being done with the other flavors, I just pop into the kitchen supply store and replace it.

Combine herbs, ice, and water.  Blend until your icy beverage is the consistency you want.  Wet the rim of your glass and dip it in the smoked sea salt like you are salting for a margarita.  It won’t stick as well as margarita salt, but it will still make a nice little rim.  (It also goes great with lime…)  Once your glass is all salted up, pour in your drink, garnish with a sprig of fresh rosemary and enjoy.

Sooo…tasty.  Too me.  If it turns out that the flavor is too strong, I would use a half teaspoon of rosemary instead.  If the flavor isn’t strong enough?  A teaspoon is alot of rosemary for me, but I suppose you can try it with a teaspoon and a half. 

A quick note: Rosemary and smoked salts go very well together. The combination is a quick and dirty way to gussy up toast. Toasted french bread with unsalted butter sprinkled with finely chopped fresh rosemary and a dash of smoked salt is amazing. Next month I’ll be doing a mini series for Quick and Dirty Grownup Toast Recipes.

Tomorrow? Sage (Blossoms) and Orange Zest.

Top, Super Minty Mock Mojito Blended Ice, Right, Rosemary Blended Ice with Hickory Smoked Salt Rim. Bottom, Lemon Thyme and Lime Blended Ice. Left, Lavender and Vanilla Blended Ice.

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