Amy’s Wicked Slush is Wicked Tasty

My nephew holding out a Root Beer flavored Wicked Slush with his Epic Center trampoline room wrist

I’ve just come off of my week-long mini blog-series about Savory Summer Blended Ice Drinks, in which I provided a different recipe every day of the week for low calorie savory beverages.  That was fun and all, but it is time to get back to reviews.  Today I’m reviewing Amy’s Wicked Slush.  I may have mentioned them in a previous post.  But now to the meat of that discussion.

So, every summer my nephew spends a month visiting.  He gets to hang out with his cousin (my son), spend time with his grandma (my mom), and go on random adventures with me (I’m pretty much known for my random.  It’s a thing, I just go with it.).  Last summer the boys wanted to play laser tag but the local place in the next town over wasn’t available for some reason.  Doing what responsible mom’s do who have promised laser-tag and then the place up and closes on me, I looked up laser tag nearby.

The sign over the entrance of the trampoline room at Epic Center.

The nearest I could find was in Santa Rosa.  It was a very long drive.  I did not want to go all that way for just laser tag.  That would have been an obscene waste of gas and time.  Then while scrolling the pages of my Goggle search, I find the Holy Grail of laser tag in my neck of the woods at; Epic Center.  Cue the chorus of angels singing.

I’m from a small town, that is not conveniently close to large towns.  So, I’d never played laser tag in a laser tag arena until my son’s father took us on one of his visits a few years back.  He took us to one of the smaller arenas in Santa Rosa and I thought it was incredibly cool.  Until I walked into Epic Center last summer.  This place has everything.  It is like a child’s fantasy.  There is a gigantic play structure.  Seriously huge.  Like three stories tall.  The Rocking Jump Trampoline Park is a room larger than my current house filled with trampolines from one end to the other and then up the walls. 

Ate Bit Cafe in Epic Center is Mario Themed.

And don’t forget the XD Dark Ride, the Laser Frenzy escape room, the two-story laser tag arcade, the regular game arcade, the café, the Starbucks, the sports bar and restaurant.  Then there is the sports center.  Yes!  There is a Sport City Sports Center at this location.  With courts available for multiple sports, kids’ athletic programs and a 24 Hours Fitness franchise location to top it all off.

My son in the foam pit at Epic Center.

Needless to say, that I can drive a few hours to Santa Rosa with my boys and they could literally spend all day there and not get bored.  It would be an expensive day.  I’m not going to lie.  For two children to try everything (not including the sports center) you are looking at, at around a hundred dollars, maybe more.  (Check the website for pricing before you decide whether to go or not.)  The first time we went to Epic Center, we did spend all day there and didn’t get home until almost 8:00 PM.  We still hadn’t tried everything.  (They spent a lot of time on the play structure.)

Yet, the point of this review is Amy’s Wicked Slush.  All summer long this summer (2019), Wicked Slush is at Epic Center.  They set up a food stand out in the parking lot and give away 20 token arcade cards to people who buy slushies from them.  I had completely forgotten about Wicked Slush Fridays at Epic Center until the Facebook Event Reminder popped up on my tablet.  (Okay, so like the workaholic I am, I was working on my blog while the boys were playing.  At least it wasn’t this post I was working on.) 

My son getting out of the foam pit at Epic Center.

Instead of heading right back to the car, I herded the kids to the Wicked Slush set up.  The first thing I have to say about Wicked Slush is this; the employee running the stand seemed to love his job.  He was polite, charming, and respectful.  When I told the boys, they couldn’t have the large sized slush, this guy did not try to up-sell it to me the way some salespeople do when they see kids want something their parents/guardians don’t want them to have.  And that was before he realized I was taking photos for a review.

The slush comes in four sizes; pip, regular, large, and wicked big.  I got a pip, the boys got regulars.  My nephew, who doesn’t seem to have figured out how much food can fit into his little stomach had requested the wicked big size.  I’m very glad I did not get any sizes larger than we got.  While the cups seem small, the serving size is actually twice (more) times the size of the cup because of how high the slush is scooped into the cup.

Wow!  I’ve tried more than my fair share of sweet and slushy types of things and I’ve tasted them from all over the United States.  From the East Coast to the West Coast to Hawaii, I’ve had slushies, snow cones, shaved ice, granitas, sorbets.  I’ve always been partial to Hawaiian shaved ice.  Wicked Slush has more of a sorbet texture.  Soft and creamy while holding its shape when scooped.

My son holding an orange cream flavor slush from Wicked Slush.

I got the strawberry, my son had the orange cream, and my nephew got a root beer.  I tried all of them.  Mine was too sweet for me, good, but too much sugar for my taste buds to deal with without something to cut it with (Like coffee, espresso would have gone great with Wicked Slush.  Some water would have been nice too.).  Notice I started my Savory Summer Drink mini-series that weekend?  The root beer was good root beer.  The orange cream was amazeballs.  Tried to trade with my son, but he wasn’t having it.

Would I try Wicked Slush again?  Yes.  Again.  And again.  Until I’ve tried all the flavors.  But that will have to wait until we come back next Summer. 

For those readers on the East Coast, there is a Wicked Slush in Boston.

Tell me what you think in the comments section.  I would love to hear from my readers regarding this content.

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