Running Creek Casino Seafood Buffet

Running Creek Casino Seafood Buffet

I’m a little late posting this week because I let my distraction with moving get in the way.  I’ll be working very hard to not let that happen next weekend.  However, I’ve suspended my 30 Steps to Writing a Fiction Novel in 30 Days blog series until October of 2019.  Day 2 – Plotting, will be posted in October.

Alright!  This travel post was a long time coming.  There’s this little casino in Lake County California which puts on a seafood buffet every Friday night.  For months (it might have been years) I would travel past the billboard advertising this seafood buffet, but never had the time to go.  None of my family members regularly eat seafood, and a few outright refuse to eat seafood.  It is terribly depressing to me because…I.  LOVE. SEAFOOD!

So, when my son went on vacation to Hawaii for three weeks this summer, my mom was at a birthday celebration on the East Coast, and my fiancé was in another part of the state; I realized this was my chance to hit up the buffet without anyone being all judgey or derogatory towards my food choices.  Since I was going to be in Lake County anyways, I spent the day exploring the town of Lakeport and various parks.  If you want to see more photos and videos of Lake County California, check out my Instagram Account.

I was not aware that Lakeport has its own museum for Pomo Indians.  The place was packed with interesting Native America artifacts.  Woven grass cooking baskets, mortars and pestles carved from stone and all manner of other artifacts.  It’s located in a beautiful little park which holds the historical courthouse and jail-turned-museum.  In the little museum there is also small section dedicated to its history as a courthouse.  There is an old telegraph machine and displays of various types of handcuffs and leg cuff which had been used.

After a lazy stroll through downtown, soaking up the history of the place, I meandered down to the Third Street Boat Launch.  It is an incredible park and the gazebo was being set up for the Friday night summer concert series, which I was told happens every Friday night all Summer long.  I pretty much just meandered around the lake until the buffet opened at the casino.

Now for the review.  The buffet was good.  Endless crab.  Okay, so I did try as much of it as I possibly could.  Several of the dishes had ingredients I was allergic to, so I didn’t get to try them out and I didn’t have my side kick with me to try them for me.  There were a lot of non-seafood options as well and my family who had avoided the buffet would have been very disappointed that they did not go.

I loved the dishes which almost felt like a Thanksgiving Dinner; turkey, roast beef, and so many sides.  The deserts were amazing.  Smores brownies, lemon meringue tarts, the requisite jello…  It was very delightful.  If you like to play cards and slots there is a whole casino to relax in afterward.

Would I try this buffet again?  Heck yes.  But I live another state so I won’t be heading that way for a while yet.