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Like a lot of self-managed author resources, AllAuthor’s usefulness is dependent on an author’s existing social network or the author’s ability to accumulate interaction on their social networks.  The Twitter tweet scheduler is not particularly useful if an author does not have a large following.  As a bit of a social recluse (read noob and novice), social media advertising from my author accounts isn’t particularly helpful unless I’m paying for advertising to go outside of my currently small circle of followers.

The advertising which AllAuthor does offer, is specific to the AllAuthor website and their Twitter followers.  However, the featured books listing on the website is good for 6 months to a year at a time depending on whether you purchase a six-month membership for $59 or a year-long membership for $99 (prices at time of this publishing).  While this isn’t as far reaching as something like Google Ads, it is another site where authors can list their book links, promote their book, and list book deals and promotions.  Author’s don’t have to have a paid Pro Account to list their books on the site, just to have the site promote a book for them.

What I’m saying is this.  If you are an author with a published book and aren’t on AllAuthor, maybe you want to be?  Maybe you don’t?  Why don’t you click my AllAuthor affiliate link and do some research to see if a free account or a paid Pro account is for you.

Or click on my author link and take a look at my page on AllAuthor.  Go ahead and ask some questions or post discussion on my books.  See if you like the kind of author and reader interaction which is available on the site.  It’s similar to GoodReads with less intrusive advertising.

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