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Disclaimer:  Once again, I’d like to point out that I’m not an expert blogger and I’ve muddled my way as best I can, so I’d like to share some more of the things I’ve learned along the way. (Also, there are a few affiliate links in this post for Entireweb and I receive compensation from the company. I only signed up for the affiliate program after I tried the free service myself and decided that I like it.)

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Traffic.  Everybody wants it.  Oh, that’s just website and blog traffic, not the -five-o’clock-want-to-get-home traffic.  I guess people who don’t have websites or blogs don’t really care about search engine optimization or whether or not your brand-spanking-new blog has been crawled and indexed by any search engines.  For the total blogging/writing/web-site-creating noob who doesn’t know what search engine optimization is or why they need their blog and website indexed by a search engine…

First – What is a search engine?  Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Duck Duck Go are all examples of search engines.  It is the program you type a word or address into on an internet enabled device which brings back search results from the web.

For a search engine, indexing, is them learning the contents of your blog/website so that when someone asks for information, the search engine will be able to point them in your direction.

Second – Why does a website or blog need search engine optimization?  Search engines try to find the most relevant search results for any given search.  If your site/blog is about varieties of apples (taste comparisons, how to grow, and best types for different styles of cooking) and you only ever use varietal names like Granny Smith, Fiji, and Red Delicious, a search engine search of the word “apples” will not bring your web page/blog up in the results.  Nor will it come up in any searches for “best apple variety for apple pie”, “what apple tree is best for growing in zone 7”, “how to fertilize apple trees”, or “what are the varieties of apples”.  Make sense?  Good.  There are good ways to optimize for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and this great Course on a wonderful place to get some basic answers (No, I’m not an affiliate. I just like free stuff.).

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Third – Why does a website/blog need to be indexed by a search engine.  Just like no human being can inform another of something they don’t know exists, neither can a search engine let a searcher know about a blog or website which they are not aware of.  For a search engine, indexing, is them learning the contents of your blog/website so that when someone asks for information, the search engine will be able to point them in your direction. 

Fourth – The content of a website/blog along with outgoing and incoming website and blog links will determine how high that site/blog will rank in search results.

Newer algorithms now poorly rank websites with too many outgoing links, or backlinks from unrelated “link farms”. 


What does Entireweb (#Ad) have to do with that?  Everything.  Entireweb (#Ad) is kind of amazing.  I used to do freelance web content, ad copy, and search engine optimization.  It’s fun, but I wasn’t well known, and it didn’t pay as well part-time as I could earn with a regular job.  In the Golden Age of SEO, any old blogger or webmaster could submit whatever they wanted to Google, Internet Explorer, and other search engines and it would get indexed faster than if it was “discovered” by a search engine while crawling from one page to another.  Ranking could easily be increased by submitting your blog to a service or page which existed solely for the purpose of listing blogs and websites and then submitting the page to be indexed therefore increasing backlinks (links into the blog/website)

Nowadays, it’s not as easy as all that.  Newer algorithms now poorly rank websites with too many outgoing links, or backlinks from unrelated “link farms”.  Entireweb (#Ad) however, still allows free submission of websites/blogs, then they submit your link to other search engines for you, thereby exposing the submitted website/blog to the entire web.  (See that?  I was all punny.)  For those who need help with their search engine optimization, Entireweb (#Ad) also offers those services.  I haven’t tried their paid services yet and have only used the free website submission tool.  It’s completely free and that’s just the right price for me. Does it delight me? Heck yeah. It Delights Delilah and therefore gets DD on the Delighting Delilah scale.


For an example of how changes in Google’s ranking system have affected search engine results take a look at these links with search results for my name “Delilah Bluette”. At the time of this posting Google did not have my website ranked on the first page though every other search engine did. Google ranked my social media and my books for sale higher than my personal web page. That is a problem, because all of those social media profiles have links back to my posts. If links really mattered (and if social medial allowed follow back links), my website should be ranked first when my name is looked up online. That’s why Entireweb was so important for me. None of my social media accounts and even most of the sites my books are available for sales were in the search results until I started using Entireweb’s free website submission tool. (Note: Firefox was not tested because I did not want to download it and it does not give potential users the opportunity to try it out in another browser before downloading and installing it.)


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