Cheer and Sweet Treats at the Waffle Stop in Tacoma Washington

Bacon Cookie Butter Waffle at The Waffle Stop in Tacoma Washington. Photo credit: Michael Okawa.

I’ve been eyeballing this restaurant in my “To Review” list for a few weeks now because…well…waffles!  My son happened to be with me the day I stopped in to see what they were like and he was so glad that he came with me.  First off, The Waffle Stop is in a part of Tacoma which sort of in-between urban and suburban.  There’s still a few multi-story multi-purpose buildings in the area, but it’s mostly surrounded by smaller buildings a neighborhood full of houses, and a school.  The building it’s located in has business and restaurants on the first floor and apartments on the upper stories.  Basically, a dream location for a restaurant because potential customers walk past every day and there’s probably a lot of coffee deprived parents stopping in after dropping their kids off at the nearby school.

Strawberry Cheesecake Waffle at The Waffle Stop in Tacoma Washington. Photo Credit: Michael Okawa.

There is parking on the street directly in front of the restaurant and all down that block on both sides.  I was probably a little too excited about the fact that I got a parking space right out front.  The restaurant is decorated everywhere for Halloween and there are spiderwebs and caution tape all over the door.  Inside is done up in bright and sunny colors.  Yellow and a grey-blue-green color I don’t have a name for.  And all the permanent decorations are waffle themed, even the patterns on the bathroom walls.  I particularly admired the “Hello Beautiful” written out in tiles of the bathroom floor and the affirmations on the wall.  “You are beautiful.” and “You are enough.”.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember them all, but they were lovely and added to the cheery and calming atmosphere of the restaurant.

I had looked over the menu, weighed my options, and thought I had what I was going to order all planned out before I ever set foot in the restaurant.  Until the day I actually went to review them and found that my son wanted what I was going to try.  So instead, he got the Strawberry Cheesecake Waffle and I got the Bacon Cookie Butter Waffle.  There’s an option to get any of the waffles with eggs, hash browns, and bacon or chicken sausage called the Wake N Waffle. That is the option we chose.

Bacon, eggs, and potatoes at The Waffle Stop in Tacoma Washington. Photo credit: Michael Okawa.

The Strawberry Cheesecake Waffle is a pearl sugar waffle topped with a big chunk of lemony flavored cheesecake, whipped cream, strawberries, and strawberry sauce.  Our server stated that they make all of their extras like sauces and whipped cream in house and they are amazing.  The cheesecake is not too sweet and not too dense and not too light all at the same time.  A sort-of Goldilocks perfection swathed in a mound of light fluffy whipped cream.  My photos don’t really give perspective but it’s a pretty big serving for something so decadent.

Waffle Stop sells Waffle Stop merchandise including these perfectly shaped and oh so cute mugs.

My Bacon and Cookie Butter Waffle was equally amazing.  The cookie butter was rich and creamy with no hint of the grittiness which often comes from house made or homemade cookie butters.  Both of the waffles I tried were pearl sugar waffles which made for more of a texture which was partway between crispy Belgian waffles and a chocolate chip cookie with the pearl sugar making the finished product more crumbly/biscuity than a regular waffle.

What is pearl sugar?  It is a type of sugar formed by pressing regular white granulated sugar together to form larger nibs which don’t dissolve in baked goods.  Like a sugar cube, but denser, and it won’t dissolve in baked goods which is what makes the pearl sugar waffle have its slightly crumbly but still crunchy texture.  This is definitely a meal one wants a good hot coffee, tea, or cold glass of milk with.  In an effort to cut back on my caffeine consumption I had ordered a hot chocolate and realized that it had been a terrible idea because I wanted something less sweet to wash it down with.

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Aside from the waffle stars of the plate being fabulous, our eggs came out perfectly.  I ordered mine over medium and my son had his scrambled.  And I have to admit that it is the first time in a really long that that our food has come to us exactly the way we ordered it and was exactly what we expected it to be.  Even the bacon was spectacular, a thick cut variety which didn’t lose its smoke flavor even when cook and paired with sweets like cookie butter, whipped cream, cheesecake, and strawberry sauce.

There are all kind of other ways to have your waffles at The Waffle Stop; buttermilk, and southern in addition to the pearl variety I tried.  There are also savory dishes to order your waffles with like the Fried Chicken & Egg Bowl, or the Bacon Cheeseburger (and yes, it totally uses a Southern Waffle as the bun).  The restaurant also features salads for those looking for a less carb heavy meal like the Strawberry Pecan Salad and the Carne Asada Salad all accompanied by house made dressings.

This is probably my favorite restaurant so far in Washington and its getting a DDD on the Delighting Delilah Scale for Definitely Delights Delilah.

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