Meet the Cats

Thought I’d share this with my readers because…okay, there’s no real reason besides cats are cute and I’m an sucker for cute cats.

Wren Davis Writes

This is Tandy (Candy with a T). She was our first cat; my parents adopted her after months of me nagging, pleading and crying.

She is so lovely; she’s always meowing and following us around the house. She loves to play and most days is running up and down the passages chasing (or being chased by) our other cat Loki. Her fur is as soft as silk and she loves to lick us when she gets the chance to.

This is Loki. He loves to attack our feet, Tandy and anything else he can sink his teeth and claws into when he’s in the mood to play

We didn’t buy him, we didn’t adopt him – he found us! At 1 a.m. sometime in December 2018/January 2019 my family and I woke up to this awful wailing outside. I peered through my blinds and in the darkness Icould make out…

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