Fame You by Hattie Lou – Rockstar Book Tours Excerpt

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Author: Hattie Lou

Pub. Date: December 4, 2019

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Formats: eBook

Pages: 196

Olivia has learned that life doesn’t always go the way you want it to go. She didn’t expect to be a widow and a single mother at a young age. Olivia’s life changes for the better when she meets a woman who in time becomes a second mom to her. She spends her days and nights taking care of the woman.

Growing up, Luke destined to be a Hollywood star just like his famous screenwriter father, becomes addicted to the celebrity life in Hollywood and lives for the camera’s attention. It makes him feel good that guys want to be him and women want to be with him. He can’t get enough of the fame.

Luke shows up unannounced at his mother’s house after years of not speaking to her, and he finds out that his mother has a live-in caregiver, Olivia. Luke and Olivia don’t hit it off at first, but soon Luke comes to realize that the first impression isn’t always the right impression. Sometimes there’s more than meets the eye.

About Hattie:

Hattie has had a love for romance as far as she can remember. Always believing in fairly tales and happy endings.

She spent most of her time reading about romance until one day when she realized she wanted to write her own novel. A romance novel. Her dream to release a romance novel came true when she released “Better With You” in 2019.

When she isn’t sitting in front of her laptop writing, she likes spending her time with her furry pets and reading books about romance. Most of her time is spent plotting new stories and creating characters that people can relate to.

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Chapter One


 “As long as we are together, we will make it.” I lean in and pull her body into mine as we kiss in front of the train station where we fell in love just two weeks earlier.

 “That’s a wrap!” Mason Willis, the director, shouts from behind the camera as the lights come on. Everyone starts clapping. We have been filming the movie for a little over ten months now. I love my job as an actor, but I hate showing up to film almost every day. There were a lot of parties that I couldn’t go to because of the filming schedule. I have been stuck here in Colorado for the past three months. The cold weather here sucks! I need to go back to California. I really miss my life in LA. The parties, the women and the food. I need to book a flight first class back as quickly as possible.

I change out of my clothes in my dressing room and into my suit. I slap my Rolex on my wrist.

“Hey, you want to go out for a drink to celebrate?” Leslie, the actress who I’m supposed to be in love with in the movie, asks me as she stares at me just like every other woman out there does.

She’s cute but a low budget actress whereas I’m an A-list celebrity. I know what she is doing. She thinks if she is seen in public with me while the paparazzi take our photos then she will land bigger movie roles. She wants to make a name for herself.

It’s not happening on my watch. “I have an early flight. I can’t miss it.” I say, reaching for my sunglasses as I head out.

 The world thinks I’m happily taken by Erika Ash, a well-known Victoria Secret model. Her face is on practically every billboard there is in LA. We have been living together for the past three years. We are an exciting couple in Hollywood. We’re like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck if their relationship would have lasted. Everyone wants to know more about us. Paparazzi always follow us to see what we are having for dinner or where we are going for vacation. What people don’t know is that we aren’t really together in a couple sense. Sure, she’s hot and I know from the ladies that I’m pretty hot myself. We pretend to be a couple for attention. I like to show up to the red carpet events with her on my arm. Cameras go crazy in every direction wanting to get that perfect shot of us smiling and whispering to each other as we enjoy their eyes on us. Erika and I both know how to keep the media eating right out of our hands. It brings in more money making me richer by the day.

 I was born into money and yet I can’t seem to get enough of it. What can I say? I’m a greedy bastard. My dad, Michael, was a famous screenwriter in Hollywood. He has written over thirty films in his forty years of working. One of his films “The Lost Guards” won an Oscar for Best Motion Picture. With him being a legend, it wasn’t shocking when I started acting school shortly after high school.

I saw the way people would fall to their feet whenever Dad would walk into the room. Women flirted with him and didn’t care that he was married. Of course, Dad didn’t flirt back. He was faithful to my mom. She trusted him and never questioned him. I was drawn to the way people were in awe of him.

Dad told me that he was proud of me for wanting to stay in Hollywood like him. He hoped that one day I would follow in his footsteps and become a screenwriter. That is where we were different. I prefer being in front of a camera while he liked to stay behind the camera. I love the spotlight. The thought of women watching me and wanting me is a craving that I like having. It makes me feel in control. Anyone would love to live this life of mine. I got it all.

I manage to make it back to my hotel dodging a few cameras. I look down at my phone to see I got a missed call from Matthew. He is my best friend. We grew up together. His dad was an actor. He starred in several of my dad’s movies. Matthew is the only person that I trust. I know he is loyal to me and would never sell me out for money no matter the cost the magazine is offering him.

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“Hey, man! How’s it going?” I ask when he picks up the phone.

 “Good. I just got done doing a photoshoot with Everglued. They apparently found me to be interesting enough to write an article about.” He says with a laugh.

“What’s it about?” I ask, pouring myself a shot of whiskey.

 “This one is a bit different. They didn’t care about my personal life. It was all about my latest movie.” Matthew is always in the media for the new girl he has been photographed with. Every week he is seen with a new woman. He hates relationships and just likes to meet them wherever he can. He likes to keep the media guessing who he is hooking up with. “So, enough about me. I heard you finished filming your new movie. What are you going to do now?”

I haven’t really thought about it. We were supposed to film for the next two and a half weeks, but we are done early. I’m not used to being ahead of schedule. I let out a sigh. “Probably just head back to LA and relax until the next film comes along.” Which shouldn’t take long. It seems that my agent tends to find movie auditions for me on a regular basis. Directors love working with me. Most of them knew my dad.

 “I thought you said you and Erika were getting the house remodeled soon.”

 Shit! I forgot about that. She is busy out of the country doing photo shoots for several magazines and I was supposed to be here for a while. We agreed to get a pool installed and a new deck added to our house while we are away. “Maybe I should do some traveling around the country for a month. Somewhere warm and sunny.”

Matthew tells someone in the background that he is almost done with the phone. “You could always go see your mom. You keep saying that you want to see her. Now would be a good time.”

I cringe. We haven’t spoken since the day of Dad’s funeral. She wanted me to move closer to her in Pennsylvania where she had family. My whole life, I grew up in LA. Pennsylvania had nothing to offer me. I told her that I couldn’t. She was disappointed. I didn’t call her because I knew she would find a way to tell me how lonely she was there. She’s good at giving the guilt trip.

I got nothing to do, so why not? I decide not to call her; I would rather surprise her with my warm welcome. We can catch up and forget how sad she was when I told her that I was staying in LA. I’m sure she will be happy to see me standing at her doorstep after all this time.

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