What Kind of Blog Should a Fiction Writer Have?

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This is the conundrum I faced when I first set out to start my blog.  First I was like “Whoa? I need an author platform?”.  Then I was “Oh, no.  I have to blog?”.  Lastly, I asked “What do I blog about?”.  While non-fiction writers can blog within their knowledge field and draw readers and fans of their work that way, fiction writers have to walk the tightrope between providing interesting content and keeping it relevant to their brand or platform.

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I did not walk that tightrope.  I jumped the eff off of it and faceplanted hardcore into the neither region of my obscurity.  What does that mean?  I created a blog about stuff I love to share with a fanbase which had not yet evolved.  Little bit backwards.  I am aware.  That doesn’t negate the fact that people do read my blog.  They like my blog.  They come back week after week to read my blog.  Thank you.  I love you for bearing with me.  You are the people who make being an author fabulous.  But in all honesty, I’d be blogging even without you, I’m just really glad you are here.  Please feel free to share my blog as much as you want (or more).

For those of you aspiring authors who do not want to follow in my footsteps, here is a short list of ideas to help you with your blogging goals.  Just some topics for fiction authors to blog about.

Science fiction

Write about the real science or theories behind your made-up science.

  • Quantum theory – telekinesis, teleportation, faster than light travel
  • String theory – faster than light travel, new power sources
  • Physics in general – historical figures who led to the creation of current technologies.
  • Chemistry and organic chemistry – fuels, power sources, planetary compositions
  • Astronomy – new planets, how orbits work, the names/definitions of objects in space
  • Biology – the real-life creatures who inspired your aliens.  Real-life evolutionary mechanisms to explain/were exploited in your books.
  • Genetics – manipulation/evolution
  • The list goes on and on.
First Navigator Sara Joshue. The psionic dampening plugs of the telepathic channels light up white when they are functioning within acceptable levels.


  • Mythological beasts – write informational posts about the history/mythos behind the creatures featured in your books.  Include historical representations and artwork and link out to legitimate historical research documentation.
  • Myths – if your book features a specific myth, discuss it on your blog.  Discuss different historical versions of the myth, the possible real-world inspiration behind it, and historical accounts of it or different versions of it.
  • Made-up creatures – if you made up your own creature, write a blog series discussing it.  Write it up like an educational blog.  Discuss anatomy, reproduction, camouflage, hunting, social structure and whatever else is significant about it. Those fun little tidbits which are usually found in the back of your book as a glossary.


Whether in a historical, fantasy, science fiction or contemporary setting, romance writers have a lot to blog about.  So many things affect people in love.

  • Hormones
  • Pheromones
  • Psyche
  • Sexual health in and out of relationships, there’s research that’s been done.  Write about it as it applies to your book and your characters.

Now that I’ve given you a few ideas of what you can blog about.  Drop me a link to your blog if or when you finally get one.  Let me know what ideas you got from reading my blog.  And have fun doing it.

Tell me what you think in the comments section.  I would love to hear from my readers regarding this content.

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