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About the Audiobook

Author: Aaron Bunce

Narrator: Matthew E. Berry

Length: 10 hours 3 minutes

Publisher: Autumn Arch Publishing⎮2019

Genre: Fantasy

Series: Overthrown: Chronicles of Denoril, Book 1

Release date: Dec. 24, 2019

Synopsis: It rests deep in the ground, they say, an ancient burial treasure of unimaginable wealth. Riches to humble even the most prosperous men, locked away from time itself. But the Council’s edict was clear – keep the tombs of the ancient dalan closed. Keep the past sealed. But where there is wealth, there is greed, and nothing stays buried forever.

Thorben Paulson is an ordinary man, trying to raise his family the honest way. Unfortunately, the Council’s tax collectors demand more and more each thaw, taking in both coin and food. For a branded man like Thorben, his checkered past means the burden is always greater. With hungry mouths to feed and winter on the horizon, Thorben’s desperation grows. A visitor appears unexpectedly in town, a man from his past, carrying a map and a promise – enough coin to feed his family for the foreseeable future, in exchange for a single job. Not just any job, however. Thorben must delve once again, leave the sun behind and enter the underground crypts, the realm of the dead, and find priceless dalan relics. And yet, more lies in wait than things that sparkle and glimmer, and in Denoril, some things never truly die.

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The Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Delving is a fantasy adventure book which reminds me of a well-played out game of Dungeons and Dragons.  I received a free audio copy from Audiobookworm Promotions so that I could write this review.  That has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

I wasn’t too keen on the narration.  The voice which the narrator used to portray the main character’s thoughts annoyed the heck out of me.  But I realized after a while that, that was exactly the way that Thorbin would probably actually sound.  He’s a reformed ex-convict after all.  And he’s not like a hardened criminal, he’s a grave robber who got caught young and laments the hardships that his youthful choices have caused him.

Narrator Matt Berry (Affiliate Link)

I’m not exactly sure where the narrator hails from, but…there are a lot of scenes where the things that “never truly die” are described as “horrors” (I assume) but whatever the narrator’s accent is (or the one he’s trying to emulate) make it sound like he is calling the zombies “whore”.  At first, I was a little disappointed because I thought I had missed something important.  So, I rewound and listened to an entire chapter over again to find what I had missed.  But no.  It sounded like a mispronunciation.  But it kept happening over and over again, through to the end of the book from that point on.  Maybe my ears are going?  Maybe that’s just how it’s pronounced wherever he is from.


For all his back history as a “delver” or grave robber, Thorbin is just an average guy.  He’s not even all that bright, adventurous, or brave.  He is, however, mechanically inclined which made him really good at Delving and solving the locks and tricks to get into ancient graves.  Similarly, to a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, the story takes you from his humble home through increasing levels of danger until he finally experiences a change in himself to become braver and more valiant than he was. 

Author Arron Bunce (Affiliate Link)

I enjoyed listening to this book very much.  The pace of the story starts slow and gradually increases.  It’s a wonderful get-your-toes-wet book for those new to the fantasy genre as the more fantastical elements are introduced gradually.  Something I hated is that there is a made-up word, “arns”(?) I think it is, that denotes a unit of time.  I was unable to determine from context whether it meant “hours”, “days”, or “years” but it is used to discuss things which happened in the main character’s youth or someone’s age so I assumed it was years.

Despite the things I disliked about the book, I have rated it 4 out of five stars and DD on the Delighting Delilah scale.  I’m not going to say you should read it, but if you like DnD, fantasy, or zombie fighting, you are probably going to like it.

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