First Week Followup for September 2020 30-Day Challenge

First Week Followup for September 2020 30-Day Challenge

As of Monday, September 7th, 2020

I suck.  Yes. I let myself get behind in most of the things I was supposed to be doing. The only thing I’ve managed to do every single day is record videos that I have no intention of posting to YouTube until after they have been properly edited.  Yet, when I get behind I have been making the effort to get caught up and sometimes even a little bit ahead. If you are curious about what I’ve accomplished so far then keep reading.

Three daily paintings. Though I’ve been painting or drawing every single day, I’ve only finished up to day-three in the painting challenge. The photo with this post is the Day-9 picture for the challenge. However, I have gotten a good seven hours in on the painting I’m working on for my son.  It is one of the largest canvases I’ve worked on and is probably the most fun I’ve had so far this month.

Two character sketches. I haven’t drawn characters for several years now, so I was pleased that Haka and Marcus (from my book “End of Imperium” turned out as well as they did. I’ll be posting the videos of those sketches to YouTube next month for my #30DaysOfYouTube challenge.

Partially completed painting that I promised my kid I would make for him two years ago. The painting got interrupted when we moved and I am continuing it now. Can you tell what it is going to be?

Three short stories. Yep. Three. All from the TwritingPrompt challenge. Though I did post the first flash fiction I wrote for that challenge, I’ve decided that I don’t want to post any more of them because I would like to submit them for publication and they aren’t worth as much if they have been previously published. I did finish a longer story I had been working on and I am pleased with it.

I’ve been sucking at social media everything and have been using the fires in California as justification for not focusing as much as I should.  My bad. Though I am pretty worried about my family being so close to where there are fires, I shouldn’t be, because almost every year I lived in that community there was some kind of fires nearby in the summer. On more than one occasion I would be driving along the road and “oh, there’s a fire” and it would be so close to the cars that it would make us hot inside our vehicle. Heck, we kept N-95 masks in our home and vehicles just to make it through the summer and fall with our lungs relatively undamaged. But digression aside, I haven’t been following up with social media as much as I should.

Fitness.  Don’t even get me started on fitness.  My moody teenage son was supposed to be doing the challenges with me. And after the first two days, he dropped out to leave me to finish the challenges myself. I’m on track for most of my challenges, but that is only because I had done some extra exercising on a couple of days and got ahead. However, I ended up being a few hundred steps short on my Saturday count.


For my reading, I’ve been doing very well on keeping up on that, but I had to take a break as I’m in the process of reviewing an audiobook and it is taking forever to listen to. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish “Pushing Through” sometime this week.

I’m pretty happy that I’ve gotten someone to join me on Instagram for my #30DaysOfPaintingFromPHotos challenge.

That’s it. Back to work.

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So, this is Day-2 my September 2020 30-Day Challenge.  Posting a follow of up how much I accomplish in my goal has turned out to be a little harder than I thought they would be because I didn’t plan ahead that I was going to make this into something I did publicly to hold myself accountable.  That’s why the first post was posted so late in the day on September first. I also forgot that I had a bunch of high school-related stuff for my kid scheduled on the first that made meeting my goals a little difficult. After spending most of my day listening to various welcome talks and reading through a bunch of information I finally got work on my own goals for the day.  How did I do? Well…

Not a great as I had hoped.

Challenge 1: Draw One Character Portrait per day for thirty days – This challenge was a little annoying because I had my drawing table covered with my son’s school supplies and had to reorganize everything just so I could sit down at a table and draw.

Challenge 2: Thirty Days of Painting – I didn’t work on this at all on September 1, 2020. I ran out of time. I know. Shame on me. But I got up first thing this on September 2, 2020, to start on my paintings. My painting from a photograph isn’t pretty, but it is done. Click here to see it on Instagram. Today’s paint challenge photo is the picture on this post. Photo credit goes to Michael Okawa @michaelokawa on Instagram

Challenge 3: Thirty Days of #TwritingPrompts – Day-1 #TwritingPrompt was posted on the afternoon of the first and Day-2 #TwritingPrompt was scheduled to post on the second at 5:00 AM Eastern on Twitter.Advertisements THIS AD

Challenge 4: Thirty Days of Short Stories – I did not finish my short story for submission. I did work on a longer short story I’m planning on submitting to an anthology, but it is still incomplete.

Challenge 5: Thirty Days of #TwritingPrompt Stories – This I did complete and it has posted. You can read my first Flash Fiction for this month’s challenge, here. Most of it was written along with the first post of this series while listening to a virtual assembly for my kid’s school.

Challenge 6: Thirty Days of Social Media Posts – I posted to my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram original and unique posts. My blog auto-publishes to my LinkedIn and Pinterest also but I did not make any unique posts there.Advertisements THIS AD

Challenge 7: Thirty Days of Social Media Growth – While I did interact with several people on Twitter, I did not do any interacting with others on any other social media site. This goal was an absolute fail for my first day.

Challenge 8: 30 Days of Recording – One video. *sad face*

Challenge 9: Thirty Days of Reading – When it got down to the wire on my time constraint, I had to choose between social media, painting, and reading. Since I’ve taken so long to work my way through this book already, I did the responsible thing and chose the book. You can see my update on the chapters on Facebook at Indie Book Geeks.

Challenge 10: Thirty Days of Fitness – I met my goal of walking at least 10,000 steps. There’s a nice long circuit (more than 3 miles is long for me) around the Chambers Bay Park and my son and I walked it after his school stuff was taken care of.  It is a hilly walk and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to make what looks to be an altitude change of over a hundred feet. And I managed to get a session with the 30-Day Six Pack Abs. I had forgotten I was trying to complete it all in 30 days and started back up where I left off last time I had used it, instead of starting from the beginning. I’ll go back to the start in the morning and work through from Day-1.

Overall not a very successful start to my challenges. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. 

Any of my readers decide to participate? Let me know.

Tell me what you think in the comments section.  I would love to hear from my readers regarding this content.

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