Author Services

Authors4Bloggers offer a range of services to help you advertise your book(s) and your author brand. Services with a red link underneath them are currently available. Services with a black link underneath them are not available at this time. Authors4Bloggers is actively recruiting bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters to expand services. Interested in joining Authors4Bloggers?

Book information is provided to bloggers associated with Authors4Bloggers. If they chose to review or advertise your book they may. Authors4Bloggers make no guarantee that your book will be advertised on blogs other than DelightingDelilah.


If you are an independent author and can’t afford to pay for a book review (or just plain don’t want to pay $30 for a book review), I do participate in reciprocal reviews. I will exchange books for review with any author who would like to review one of my books. If after reading my book you decide not to post a review, or if you do not want me to post my review of your book we can discuss it at that time and you do not have to post reviews. Please contact me directly to discuss further. If you don’t want to participate in reciprocal reviews you can purchase a book review below.

Book Review Blog Posts

Need exposure for an upcoming book release or want a little bit more online for a book that’s already published. A book review blog post may be just the thing.

Author Interview Blog Posts

Want to build awareness for multiple books you’ve published? An author interview blog post may help boost your author brand awareness.

Social Media Advertising

Have your book review or author interview blog posts advertised on social media. Or just have your book advertised on your choice of multiple social media platforms through my advertising accounts.

Book Cover Posts

Cover reveals, cover development, cover artist interviews, authors thoughts about the cover. Want to draw attention to the artwork on your book as well as the content within? Are you a cover artist who needs exposure? A book cover post might be just the ticket.

Book Blurbs

Advertise your book with small advertising blurbs (quotes from your book) on existing posts or on upcoming scheduled posts.

Book Excerpts

From a brief sidebar on a blog post to a full page blog post excerpt advertising your book, there is an advertising choice right for your budget.

Author/Blogger Guest Blog Posts

Need exposure for an upcoming book release or already published book? Want a few more back links to your website? Looking to expand into a new audience? Purchasing a guest post can get you those things.

Character Book Advertising

Want to build awareness for an already published book or book series you’ve written? Advertise your book with images of (and information about) your characters or character interviews instead of images of your book cover.

Contest Hosting

Putting on a Contest or Giveaway to advertise your book or build your audience? Delighting Delilah will gladly host a landing page post until the contest/giveaway is over.

Social Media Engagement

Looking to get more engagement with your posts on social media and blogs?

Advertising Campaigns

These advertising campaigns combine some of the best products from Authors4Bloggers at discounted bundle prices.

Twine Games

What better way for a writer to advertise their books than to make their writing interactive for their fans and potential readers. Showcase your world while providing hours of chose-your-own-ending entertainment.

Scavenger Hunts

Online scavenger hunts are a fun way to create buzz and interest in a product. Players hop from one post to another to find clues for their prize.

Audio Interviews

Want to be featured in an audio podcast interview and reach a new potential customer base for your books/art? Audio author/artist interviews are conducted via Discord and recorded and edited for upload to (podcast distributor).

Video Interviews

Want to be featured in a video interview and reach a new potential customer base for your books/art? Video author/artist interviews are conducted via Skype.