Book Excerpt Advertising

Excerpts are a tried and true method of advertising books prior to publishing and when trying to generate interest and sales. Take a look at the options offered by Authors4Bloggers.

Sidebar Book Excerpt Advertisement Qty 10

Sidebar excerpts are similar to Book Blurbs and feature a full paragraph or more of a compelling scene from a book. It is paired together with an image of the book's cover and purchase links for the book and placed within the body of an unrelated blog post. Posts may all be on the same blog, or on different blogs affiliated with Authors4Bloggers. Posts may be placed on upcoming blog posts or on previously posted blog posts/website pages.


Spotlight Book Excerpt Post

A Spotlight Post is a complete blog post in and of itself. It includes the book's description, an author bio, and a compelling excerpt which is several paragraphs long, usually about a page worth of the book.


Full Chapter Book Preview Post

A full chapter, any chapter (we don't recommend it be the last chapter of the chapter with the book's climax) of a book is posted in it's own blog post with the book's description and author bio.