Authors could win a free interview or book review with Authors4Bloggers.


To celebrate the holiday season and build awareness of the services I offer, I’m giving away a free Book Review Blog Post, a Free Standard Author Interview Blog Post, and a Free 30-Day Social media Engagement Interview.

Normally I charge $20 each for the Author Interview Blog Post, $30 for the 30-Day Social Media Engagement Interview, and $20 for the Book Review Blog Post. All blog posts are also posted to my Goodreads account, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Come on Authors. What do you have to lose? A few minutes to enter a giveaway, follow my business on twitter or facebook, or retweet/repost some of my posts and tweets.

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Thanks for your time.


Book Review Blog Posts

Need exposure for an upcoming book release or want a little bit more online for a book that’s already published. A book review blog post may be just the thing. Author4Blogger Book Review Blog Posts are comprehensive and detailed. Click the link above to see what you get with book review.

Author Interview Blog Posts

Want to build awareness for multiple books you’ve published? An author interview blog post may help boost your author brand awareness. A standard author interview consists of 30 questions covering 6 topics; yourself as a person, writing in your life, the book you want to promote, the next book you are publishing, and random trivia about you.

Social Media Engagement

Interview questions and answers, links to your various written work posted daily on social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Examples and links below.

If you are curious about what Authors4Bloggers is or what else is offered, feel free to take a look around.


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