Join Authors4Bloggers as a Book Blog Tour Host

If you are a veteran blogger of book blog tours, you are probably tired of not getting paid for your efforts. Heck, if you just like to blog about the books you read, you have likely been contacted with unsolicited requests to review a book either for no more than an advanced reader copy or in some cases you are asked to purchase the book yourself. If you would like to get paid for your efforts as a blogger and book reviewer go ahead and sign up below.

Authors4Bloggers was created to help independent authors (like me) advertise their books online affordably with book blog and advertising tours while paying a fair portion of the fee to the bloggers (also like me) who actually post the advertisements and and pay for the maintenance of that evergreen book advertising. I keep 20% of the profit for organizing tours and split the rest among all the bloggers who participate in a tour.

Authors4Bloggers has created several standardized formats for author advertising services which bloggers can advertise to authors you may have worked with in the past or have been solicited by to provide advertising for. The next time you are approached by an author/publicist/PR Manager/agent/publisher asking you to review a book for free, you can point them in the direction of the Authors4Bloggers website for them to make a purchase for your services and request you as their blogger. In this case you get 80% of the profits because they are your customer and you are the only blogger posting for them. Authors4Bloggers take 20% of profits for providing the listing service and standardized formats. If it sounds like a good deal then sign up.

Requirements for joining.

  • Own an active blog/social media account/vlog/podcast which posts new content at least weekly. OR
  • Be committed to starting a blog/social media account/vlog/podcast which will regularly feature the books of customers of Authors4Bloggers.
  • Post no discriminatory, defamatory, harassing, bullying, pornographic content/advertising, or content/advertising which promotes violence.
  • While I do request readership and follower numbers it is only to ascertain which members of the group may need assistance boosting their follower and viewership numbers.

Before signing up take a look at the Author Services page to see what Authors4Bloggers currently offers and plans to offer to customers and take a look at our Etsy page to see what is currently offered.