Books by Michael Okawa

Michael Okawa is a young author, artist, and YouTuber. He’s been writing and illustrating stories for friends and family since he could first hold a crayon. Michael has completed several unillustrated children’s stories intended for readers transitioning from illustrated to unillustrated books. His first book, The Queens Beezness (co-authored with Delilah Bluette) was published December 25th of 2019 when he was only fourteen years old. It is available for purchase from Amazon as a Kindle eBook.

The Queens’ Beezness

Something is wrong in the fairy queen’s garden so she visits the bee hive to find out what the bees are doing wrong. Can Queen Floratop teach Princess Penelopbee how to rule her kingdom in time to save the flowers?

A little adventure which shows that the young and small can do big things when they are listened to and helped by those who are larger and older.

The “A” Shaped House(Coming soon)

A collection of modern stories the animals which live around and “A” shaped house and the people which care for them.

Mommy Person lives in a house shaped like an uppercase letter “A”. She is the nicest person that the farm animals have ever met and she takes very good care of them and their children like she was their mother. But the Mommy Person is very sad because she doesn’t have any children of her own. Can the farm animals find a way to cheer up their Mommy Person?

Mother Goose is tired of the long walk to the stream every morning to look for food and she doesn’t want her goslings eating from the same stream water the other farm animals bath in. Her solution? To build a brand new pond for her goslings to eat from, but will the farm animals let it be or will her pond go the way of the dirty stream?

New Years Kitty (Coming soon)

New Years day a kitten shows up on the doorstep. He’s cold, wet, and hungry.

Download coloring art from Michael’s books.