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Lists of all books published by Delilah Bluette and where to buy them.  Enjoy.

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Maker of Fate Series

End of Imperium

In the aftermath of a war between deities, only two survivors remain of the once mighty Alluran Imperium. Purchase in paperback from Amazon


An unsuccessful assassination attempt kills the wrong royal heir upsetting the line of succession in two countries.  Vengeance, betrayal, and a young ruler who doesn’t care who has to die to keep the peace and secure the throne. Purchase in paperback from Amazon.

2 Book Box Set End of Imperium and Chieftess

Buy the first two book of the Maker of Fate Series.

  • End of Imperium – Book #0 Prequel
  • Chieftess – Book #1 (Published 10/15/2018)
  • Empire of Man – Book #2 (Coming 2020)
  • Hunted by Man – Book #3 (Coming 2020)
  • Stolen – Book #4
  • Hunters – Book #5
  • Bonded – Book #6
  • Murdering the Grand High Duke – Book #7


Despite the tragedies suffered by the imperial family, Pweter has always been a jovial charming man, beloved of the masses.  His kindness and gentle seeming nature is in direct opposition to the public personalities of his older brothers, or the cold determination of his younger siblings.  The fact that most people don’t take him seriously has always been an asset to The Empire because it’s easier to kill an enemy that underestimates him.  What is supposed to be a routine tour of a village on the edges of The Empire turns out to be the first assault of a sweeping conspiracy to unseat the Imperial Mages.  Pweter knows he’s being drawn away from his family into a trap, but it’s the only way to discover who wants his family dead.  If he survives…

Morimus might not have the fiery passion of his sister, or the dashing charm of his elder brothers, but he is a determined and loyal servant of the Empire.  His investigations into the reappearance of the thought extinct Necromancers and the assassination which caused the Valkyrie warrior-priest to target Emperor Mytis for revenge is hindered by his aging emperor’s belligerence.  The young Mage worries that the Valkyrie’ daughter, now ruthless ruler of the island nation of the Children of Desire, will turn her armies on the Empire of Man for the death of her father.

Leilana knows what is said about her; that she’s a witch, that she rules by magic and murder, that she has stolen her husband’s soul and bound him to her will so he will lead her armies without question, that she has allied herself with the King of the Angels and together they plot the downfall of their enemies, and that she has to kill the Emperor for her people to truly trust her.  What they say is true.  It isn’t what she wanted for her life.  But her choices were to rule, or die, because no one would have let her live once they knew the power she wielded.  Her magic may have been late to come, but it is stronger than any Child of Desire has possessed in centuries.  So, let her enemies fear her.  They should.  Emperor Mytis, ruler of the Empire of Man, may have succeeded in assassinating her mother and murdering her father, but Leilana is coming for him.  Leilana is coming for his Empire and her descendants will sit upon his throne.

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Gods of Necromancy


Sara Joshue was the first Navigator; the first human to place themselves into cryostasis, link with a ship’s sensor system and guide the early pilots to the safety of new worlds for the colonies. For over a thousand years she has been First Navigator, both a symbol and an icon to the Humanity she has helped to save by transporting the Earth’s excess population to safety from their dying home world. For over a thousand years, her surviving family has hoped to meet the great woman who has saved their world.

For 13 years Martha Johnson was raised aboard the Home World Command, Military Special Transport Vessel Cerberus. It’s the prison her father was sentenced to after his access codes were used in an act of terrorism while he was off planet. Twenty years of shipboard confinement. Twenty years of service. But for Martha, it was home and the only life she could remember since she came aboard at the age of three. Now Martha’s mother, the only person who could have given those access codes to the anti-colonials, has succeeded in getting a court order to remove Martha from her father’s custody. Her only hope to escape whatever plan her mother and the anti-colonials have for her is if her famous ancestor uses her influence to save her. Will a psychic link through the ages be enough to save her?

Genesis Portal

Description for Genesis Portal will be posted after Divinity have been published.

Guardians of Life

Description for Guardians of Life will be posted after Genesis Portal has been published.

  • Divinity – Book #1 (Coming 2020)
  • Genesis Portal – Book #2 (Coming 2020)
  • Guardians of Life – Book #3 (Coming 2020)