Want a Review? Or to collaborate?

Collaborations/Review Requests/Brand Ambassador Information

Do you have an event, product, business, book, movie, or blog you want reviewed or featured on this blog?  Looking for a new brand ambassador?  Do you just want to collaborate for a mutually beneficial business relationship?  Please contact me to discuss the details. 

Things you should know about Delilah Bluette before discussing collaboration.

  • For authors requesting book reviews; I love to read.  I will give my honest opinion of your writing and will ignore things like grammatical errors (as long as it doesn’t detract/distract from the reading) and provide my reviews on the plot, characters, continuity, and resolution of your story.  There is a fee for requested reviews. Please see Etsy store for pricing and details.
  • No product/financial compensation offered will influence the nature of reviews on this blog.  My posted opinions are legitimate experiences with whatever I am reviewing.
  • I do not provide reviews on alcoholic beverages.
  • Delilah Bluette is a non de plume/pseudonym which is used for the Delilah Bluette brand.  Currently, I am not revealing my personal identity in association with this name.  What this means for companies seeking a brand ambassador is that;
  •  1) When reviewing your products, I will not show my full face or body in any photos. 
  • 2) I will not interact with the public in-person for any advertising campaigns.
  • For food and cosmetic reviews, I warn that I have allergies and if the product you want reviewed contains ingredients, I am allergic to, I will have my alternate testers test your products.  Products not tested by me but by alternate testers will be noted in reviews posted on this blog.
  • For clothing or accessories companies seeking brand ambassadors, I, Delilah, am a plus sized (U.S. sizing) CIS female.  This information is provided for those brands seeking to specifically have their product tested and reviewed by myself so that you can determine whether I would be a good fit for the image you are seeking to promote.  I added this information after being approached for an ambassadorship by a swimwear company which did not manufacture a single article of clothing which was large enough to fit me and had to refer them to someone who was more suited to their target customers.
  • For events/restaurants/businesses/locations; I am located on the West Coast of the U.S.  I am willing to travel to other areas however; it will depend on feasibility for my schedule.  I travel quite a bit and whether I’m able to review someplace or event as requested may depend on where I happen to be at and when the request comes in.  Requests for restaurants or specific locations will be added to my travel list and when I am in your area and have the time for it, I may be able to stop in for a visit your business.  I make no guarantee that I will review a particular restaurant just because a review request was received. Venues/events near me have priority and are more likely to be reviewed.

If you’ve managed to read all the way through this and feel that you are still interested in my services, please contact me.  Feel free to peruse all of the Delilah Bluette social media accounts while making your decision.  Links are located on the Delilah Bluette Online page.