The Universes I write

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All my series take place in the same universes.  It may not seem like it at first but there is an over arcing thread which connects all of the books together, from magical high fantasy, to science fiction to whatever else may come.  The basic premise of the stories is that there is a Universe of Order/Mater and a Universe of Chaos/Antimatter.  And on either side of the primary veil between these two universes are infinite alternate realities.  The further one gets from the “core” also call the Eye of Eidon, the further along in time and space one is.  Realities that are a greater distance from the primary veil have more flexible rules to how their realities work.

Watercolor painting of the Pillars of Creation

Traveling between the two sides of the primary veil is dangerous.  If it isn’t done correctly, it can cause a tear or breach of the primary veil.  What happens when Chaos and Order collide?  Pretty much the same thing as when matter and antimatter mix.  Bad things!  People from one universe cannot exist in the other without proper precautions, otherwise “bad things” happen.  Unless a person is special in some way.  Enter the two main protagonists; Allura and Uchiter.

These two are remnants of the prior incarnation of the universe and manifested into existence in the current cycle of intergalactic death and rebirth during the big bang.  Buuut…something went wrong.  Their souls, spirits, essence, whatever you want to call it; have been skipping back and forth across the veils between times and among the stars looking for each other.  Sometimes they die and are reborn into new bodies which are corrupted by the power of their beings.  Sometimes they find their way between the veils, sneaking through the secret and ancient passages.  Other times they force the universes to bend until they break, all for the sake of finding their partner.

It may put some people off that the main theme of these books is an intergalactic, interdimensional, time traveling love story.  Many of the individual books have their own plots, and characters with unique stories not directly about the threads which stitch the fabric of the universes together.  Magic or science, Chaos or Order?  Which side do you prefer?  Does it matter?  Read the epic saga as it unfolds.

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