Where Have the Books Been?

Three authors are participating in the #wherehavethebooks been and #WIN2020 contest. You can enter to win an autographed copy of one of their books (click this link) and if you have read one of their books you can add your city to the map below.

Authors interested in having their books added to the #wherehavethebooksbeen map and #WIN2020 autographed book contest please contact Authors4Bloggers at authors4bloggers@delightingdelilah.blog

I’m tracking #WhereHaveTheBooksBeen by @DelilahBluette. See what city her books are being read in and enter to #WIN2020 an autographed copy.

Click this link to add your town to the map and win a free autographed book.

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Enter to win an autographed book. https://delightingdelilah.blog/win-an-autographed-book-2020/ #freebooks #literacy #wherehavethebooksbeen #amreading