Downloadable Writing Aids

Blogging/Vlogging Planner – An Excel workbook to help new bloggers/vloggers/YouTubers organize their thoughts. (In my Excel program the document looks like some of the pages are off center until it is opened in editing view. Your documents should be fine for use and printing once they are opened to edit.)

Character Profile Sheet – Design and build your book’s characters’ details. A critical reference sheet for character continuity throughout a book and series. (The profile sheet will be updated in the near future. Most recent update 10/17/2019)

Sorting Sheet – Sheet for sorting book ideas from brainstorming into categories. Instructions for use are in my post 30 Steps to Writing a Fiction Novel in 30 Days – Day 1 Brainstorming.

Brainstorming Sheet – Just a simple word document with two columns for jotting down brainstormed ideas.

Below is the list of downloadable resources which will be made available on this website in the future. Check back to see if new resources have been uploaded.

Animal Species Profile Sheet – Keep facts about fictional, mythical, or real creatures organized and close at hand for reference. Create new mythical creatures or alien species and organize their details.

Animal Species List – A sheet for listing the animals you have used in your book and for listing animals you intend to use in the book. Why do you need this? Because there are creatures you know you want to put in your book, and there are creatures you will spontaneously add to your book.

Plant Species Profile Sheet – Great for fantasy and science fiction, make sure that any fictional plants are documented accurately. Generate your new species details and keep them organized on this handy reference sheet. Can also be used to document research regarding actual plant species which are used in your books.

Plant Species List – Does the same thing as the Animal Species List, but for plants. List plants you intend to include in your book, or documents plants you added spontaneously as writing.

Location Profile Sheet – Describes locations which are important to your story. Organizes details like buildings, races inhabiting, or cultures present/events happening in cities/villages/towns; and plants, geological shapes, or plant/animal species present in wild locations.

Culture Profile Sheet – Keep detailed notes on cultures you have created for fantasy and science fiction books or notes on existing or historical cultures for modern and historical fiction books.

Book Writing Checklist – Checklist of things to do in the order they are done if following my technique for book writing.

Series Writing Checklist – Checklist of things to do in order they are done if following my technique for series writing.