Hi.  Lovely of you to check out my website.  This is the central hub for all things related to my published work, travel, upcoming events, art, products, Social Media links, and blog.  I’ve been a writer and artist for over two decades.  Most of this website is dedicated to what I do both professionally and for fun; whether it be cooking, writing, crafts, reading, shopping, travel, or just whatever happens to strike my fancy at the time. 

Here you will find information about my books and art, and where to buy them. In my blog I’ll share, DIY projects, recipes, and gardening ideas. You will see artists and authors I like featured occasionally. And you will also find reviews of events I’ve attended, hotels I’ve stayed at and restaurants I’ve eaten at. I will also be posting reviews of books I’ve read and movies I’ve seen. Reviews can be requested through my contact page. Requested book reviews have a fee.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your visit.

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